The Team

Lab members

Vincent Maire

Lab Leader

Plant-Soil Ecology 


Laurence Earls-Bélanger

MSc. Student

Tree Hydrology


Virginie Favreau 

MSc. Student

Plant-Soil Ecology


Laurent Lamarque


Tree Ecophysiology


Elyse Malleret

MSc. Student

Tree Ecophysiology


Charlotte Marquis 

MSc. Student

Snow Ecology


Marie-Ange Moisan 

PhD. Student

Wetland Ecology


Jennifer Paillassa 

PhD. Student

Leaf Ecophysiology


Visiting researchers

Julien Meilhac - PhD Student at INRA-Lusignan (June 2017)

Anja Petek - PDF at ASCR Institute of Botany (September 2022)

Peter Petrik - PDF at Czech Globe (September 2022)


Lucas Deschamps - PhD student 2023, Biologist at Sambba (OBV)

Caroline Macarez - MSc student 2023, Biologist

Isabelle Gosselin - MSc student 2023, Now Analyst at the Ministère de l'Environnement

Romane Hubert - Montpellier University internship 2022

Amélie Morneault - MSc Student 2022, Now biologist at AECOM

Jérémie Boulay - BSc Student 2022

Jim Felix-Faure - Post-Doc 2021, Now engineer at University of Monptellier

Roxanne Giguère-Tremblay - BSc + MSc Student 2021, Now PhD student at UQTR

François Tanguay - BSc Student 2020, Now biologist at 

Catherine Simard-Dunn - BSc Student 2020, Now biologist at SAMBBA (OBV)

Alexandre Proulx - MSc Student 2020, Now biologist at the Ministère de l'Environnement

Véronique Roy-Blais - BSc Student 2019, Now Farm manager

Annie Picard - B.Sc. Student 2018, Now MSc student at UQAM

Joannie Vertefeuille - B.Sc. Student 2018, Now studying veterinary at UQAM

Jean-Sébastien Laplante - B.Sc. Student 2018, Now biologist at RAPPEL, Sherbrooke

Perrine Juilllion - ENSAT internship 2017, Now in PhD at INRA-Avignon

Roxanne Giguère-Tremblay - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now in M.Sc. at UQTR

Pier-Olivier Cusson - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now in M.Sc. at Sherbrooke University with Fannie Pelletier

Caroline Turcotte - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now Dental Hygienist

Olivier Chouinard - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now Technician in Minister at Forests, Wildlife and Parks

Alexandre East - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now in M.Sc. at UQTR with Pierre Magnan

Hugo Tremblay - B.Sc. Student 2017, Now researcher assistant at Minister of Forests, Wildlife, Parks

Théo Allart - B.Sc. Student 2016, Now in M.Sc. at UQTR with Prof. Bertolo, more...