Join us!

Interested in joining our research group?

1. First some principles

  • Embrace your project. This is more important than having obtained grades.

  • Prepare your mind to be challenged! Graduate studies are intensively demanding and require to be resourceful.

  • Make it fun! No diploma is worth being miserable for years.

  • Graduate studies are a lot more than a step for a job.

  • Commit to an open community who values equity, diversity and inclusion

2. Get funding

  • Opportunities arise periodically, associated with personal and collaborative grants...

  • Get your own scholarship. Some programs are presented below (2022 review).

3. Arriving at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières

For post-doc candidates, the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières proposes some guidelines to help the arrival in Quebec and at the UQTR. Follow this link : [Postdoctoral Fellow Policy]

4. Living cost in Trois-Rivières (under construction)

To better consider the scholarship value, please consider the following living costs in Trois-Rivières (in Canadian Dollars):

i. University fees ($ yr-1, visit the UQTR webpage for more details):

M.Sc. students: Quebec, 2,500; Other Canadian students, 6,188; French students, 4,381; Others, 14,592.

Ph.D. students: For Canadian students, $2,500 yr-1; For foreign students, $3,722 yr-1.

ii. Accommodation in Trois-Rivières (visit to find interesting plans):

Flat: $600-$900 month-1;

Room: $250-$400 month-1;

House sharing: $200-$400 month-1.

iii. Electricity bill:

$60-100 month-1 (when the bill is averaged over the year, increases up to $200 in winter time)

Note that there is no water bill in Quebec when renting!

iv. Transportation:

1/3 of students walk; 1/6 ride;

1/3 drive ($90 session-1 to get a parking spot in autumn-winter, free spots in summer time);

1/6 takes the bus ($20 session-1 in autumn-winter, $5 month-1 in summer to get a bus pass).

v. Food: $200-450 month-1

vi. Multimedia (TV, internet, phone): $10-120, median $50 month-1