Join us!

Interested in joining our research group?

1. Funded opportunities

Opportunities arise periodically, associated with personal and collaborative grants...

2. Get a scholarship

Another way to join our laboratory is to put together a scientific project that can be funded through the different research institutes in Canada. The basic and potential scholarships (2018 review) to apply for are presented in the table below.

3. Arriving at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières

For post-doc candidates, the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières proposes some guidelines to help the arrival in Quebec and at the UQTR. Follow this link : [Postdoctoral Fellow Policy]

4. Living cost in Trois-Rivières (under construction)

To better consider the scholarship value, please consider the following living costs in Trois-Rivières (in Canadian Dollars):

i. University fees ($ yr-1, visit the UQTR webpage for more details):

M.Sc. students: Quebec, 2,500; Other Canadian students, 6,188; French students, 4,381; Others, 14,592.

Ph.D. students: For Canadian students, $2,500 yr-1; For foreign students, $3,722 yr-1.

ii. Accommodation in Trois-Rivières (visit to find interesting plans):

Flat: $300-$600, median = $475 month-1;

Room: $150-$300 month-1;

House sharing: $150-$300 month-1.

iii. Electricity bill:

$60-100 month-1 (when the bill is averaged over the year, increases up to $200 in winter time)

Note that there is no water bill in Quebec when renting!

iv. Transportation:

1/3 of students walk; 1/6 ride;

1/3 drive ($90 session-1 to get a parking spot in autumn-winter, free spots in summer time);

1/6 takes the bus ($20 session-1 in autumn-winter, $5 month-1 in summer to get a bus pass).

v. Food: $160-400, median $250 month-1

vi. Multimedia (TV, internet, phone): $10-120, median $50 month-1