Vincent Maire

Assistant Professor in Ecosystem Ecology

Department of Environmental Sciences

University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières

QC G9A 5H7 Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada



Office phone: +1 819 376 5011 Ext. 3611

Research Interests

Functional traits; Functional strategies; Functional species niche

Plant ecology; Soil microbe ecology; C-N-Water fluxes

Ecophysiology; Community and Ecosystem Ecology


Methods in Environmental sciences (M.Sc., ECL6015)

Biogeography (B.Sc. Year 3, ECL1011);

Ecosystem Ecology (B.Sc. Year 2, BMR1001);

Evolutionary Biology (B.Sc. Year 3, BIO1002);

Introduction to research (B.Sc. Year 2, BIO1001);

Spring Ecophysiology (B.Sc. Year 1-3, ECL1001)

Plant Ecology (B.Sc. Year 3, ECL1004)

Community Project (B.Sc., PIC1001).

Short curriculum

I'm trained as a plant ecophysiologist interested in plant and soil ecology. I received my PhD from Blaise Pascal University with Jean-François Soussana and Nicolas Gross (INRA-UREP, France) as supervisors. I completed two post-doctoral positions, the first one with Sébastien Fontaine on the mechanisms of soil organic matter decomposition, while the second focused on the role of soil fertility on leaf photosynthetic traits with Ian Wright and Colin Prentice. I followed terrestrial ecology studies at the university of Bordeaux I, with Richard Michalet and Sylvain Delzon, as education supervisors, and Alain Mollier, as my first long scientific experience supervisor. Since September 2014, I've started a new exciting venture as an associate professor in Ecosystem Ecology at the University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres in Canada. Let's see how plants run at -40°C...

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