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Our aim is to make publicly available our data. 

When using our data for publication, please cite the original article as indicated on this page

D3. Plant functional traits measured at the individual level within four temperate wetland types (bog, fen, meadow, marsh) in North-East America

Article: see A42 in publication page.


Description: We replicated a natural species richness gradient where communities included from 2 to 16 species within four wetlands (bog, fen, meadow, marsh) contrasting in plant productivity. We sampled functional traits from individuals in each community and used hierarchical distributional modelling in order to analyze the independent variation of the mean and dispersion of functional trait space at ecosystem, community and species levels 

D2. Arctic willows - soil carbon dataset - Plant and soil variables in plots outside and beneath Salix richardsonii patches along active and abandoned channels in a High Arctic tundra 

Article: see A41 in publication page.


Description: We explored how erect shrub abundance leads to SOC variation within 20 cm soil cores in a High Arctic tundra (Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada), where the only erect shrub, Salix richardsonii, has settled along currently active and abandoned channel zones of alluvial fans. 

D1. GlobAmax dataset - Photosynthetic traits at worldwide scale

Article: see A14 in publication page

Depository: Dryad - (link)

Description: Trait data (Amass, Nmass, Pmass, Aarea, Narea, Parea, SLA, gs) associated with soil and climate variables which derived (except for annual precipitation and temperature) from worldwide soil and climate datasets (CRU, soilgrids...)


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