Resources & Data

Equipment and analytical facilities

  • Leaf and soil chamber IRGA portable systems (LI6800 - LI7810) for CO­2, CH4 and H2O gas concentration

  • Portable radiation meter, upward and downward in 6 wavebands for measuring vegetation indices (NDVI, PRI...) and radiation capture and reflection (SpectroSense2+, Skye)

  • Auto-analyser (NO3-N, PO4-P)

  • Soil processing and fumigation equipment

  • Dataloggers and environmental sensors

  • Elemental Analyser for total carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen

  • IRMS for isotopy: 13C, 15N, 34S, 2H and 16O

  • Epifluorescence microscope with phase contrast and digital imaging

  • Nucleic acid extraction and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis analytical equipment

  • PCR thermocycler


To continuously progress in the ability to understand and work with numbers...

An initiative by and for students


Our aim is to make publicly available our data.

When using our data for publication, please cite the original article as indicated on this page

Globamax dataset - Photosynthetic traits at worldwide scale

Article: Maire V, Wright IJ, Prentice IC, Batjes NH, Bhaskar R, van Bodegom PM, Cornwell WK, Ellsworth D, Niinemets Ü, Ordoñez A, Reich PB, Santiago LS (2015) Global effects of soil and climate on leaf photosynthetic traits and rates. Global Ecology and Biogeography 24(6): 706-717.

Depository: Dryad - (link)

Description: Trait data (Amass, Nmass, Pmass, Aarea, Narea, Parea, SLA, gs) associated with soil and climate variables which derived (except for annual precipitation and temperature) from worldwide soil and climate datasets (CRU, soilgrids...)


In progress...