Current projects

Soil pH, cation nutrition and leaf photosynthesis in Maple forest

Investigators: A. Proulx (MSc), J.D. Moore, G. Samson

Funding: FRQNT-New researcher (2017-NC-198009)

Keyword: Ecophysiology

Why does photosynthetic rate vary with soil pH? We explore direct and indirect impact through cations nutrition on leaf photosynthesis. (more...)

What does the community shape mean?

Coinvestigators: L. Deschamps (MSc), R. Proulx, N. Gross

Funding: NSERC-Discover (2016-05716).

Keyword: Community Ecology

An exploration of the variation of wetland functional structure in response to abiotic and biotic gradients (species diversity gradient being nested within soil fertility gradient). more details here...

Shrubification and soil carbon in arctic tundra?

Coinvestigators: Laurent Lamarque (PDF), Jim Felix-Faure (PDF), E. Lévesque

Funding: NSERC-Discover (2016-05716), UQTR-RIVE (2016)

Keyword: Ecosystem Ecology

Arctic tundra is greening because of shrubification! We investigate the impact of erect shrubs on soil old carbon within the landscape of prostrate arctic tundra in Bylot Island, Nunavut.

From plant arctic community response to its effect on tundra ecosystem dynamics

Coinvestigators: L. Deschamps (PhD), A. Morneault (MSc), C. Gignac (MSc), E. Lévesque (Prof), G. Gauthier (Prof), L. Rochefort (Prof)

Funding: FRQNT (2018-PR-208107 ), NSERC-Discover (2016-05716), UQTR Chair in Functional Arctic Ecology (2019-2022)

Keyword: Functional Ecology, Community Ecology, Ecosystem Science

Impact of land-uses on carbon stock and fluxes in the St-Pierre flooding plain

Coinvestigators: J. Felix-Faure (PDF), R. Giguère-Tremblay (PhD), Steven Tessier (BSc), Roxane St-Pierre (BSc)

Funding: Pole Expertise Lac St-Pierre

Keyword: Ecosystem Ecology

In the Ramsar and Unesco biosphere reserve of the lac St-Pierre, we explore the determinisms of CO2 and CH4 fluxes and C sequestration rates along a disturbance gradient from the conventional Maize-Soja agriculture to the majestic silver maple forest. More info here

The Pourbaix' diagram as species niche?

Coinvestigators: A. Morneault (BSc), G. Laperierre (PhD)

Funding: NSERC-Discover (2016-05716)

Keyword: Functional Ecology, Biogeochemistry

Hydrogen and redox potentials should determine the chemical habitat of living organisms, which rely on oxidoreduction processes. to get their energy and transform nutrients. Here, we explore if these two habitat dimensions may be considered as two niche ones for terrestrial species.

Leaf pH: a homeokinesis or homeostasis process? at species-or-community level?

Coinvestigators: R. Giguere-Tremblay (BSc), I. Gosselin (BSc)

Funding: UQTR-FIR (2015-2016)

Keyword: Functional Ecology

pH is key to regulate internal metabolism. However, leaf pH has been shown homeostatic in experimental garden but homeokinetic in natural community, covarying with leaf N content. Here, we try to break this paradox. more details here...